Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April 9, 2014

April 9, 2014

Well, we're another week into our mission experience, and things seem to be getting a little more familiar--at least they're not as intimidating, let's say.

On Friday morning of last week, all of us missionaries gathered together to have a breakfast to say farewell to three sets of missionaries who are departing this month. (One of those couples is our "fill-in" mission president, Elder Chynoweth, and his wife.) Each couple was assigned a dish to bring to the breakfast, so there was LOTS of food!
 Sorry the picture's so fuzzy, but I think you get the idea.

This past week I had my first opportunity to work with two of our oxen, Abe (short for Abraham) and Ike (short for Issac). They're still pretty young, but they are learning to obey nicely.

As you will notice in the picture below, the weather has been pretty chilly around here. Those brave enough to take a carriage ride with us out north of Nauvoo are all bundled up in blanks--which we mercifully provide for them!

Another first for us this past week (on Sunday afternoon), was the opportunity to teach some of the demonstrations in the Family Living Center. Below are some of the stations where demonstrations are given:
Making Bread--pioneer style

Weaving Rugs

Spinning Yarn

Making Rope

Jan demonstrating how to make a candle

Behold, the final product!

Monday evening, a special, annual event was held--burning of the prairie grass.This is done each spring to show how the early saints cleared some of the land in preparation for planting. (Unfortunately, sometimes this method of clearing prairie grass was done unintentionally by lightening.) The grass often grows to be 5-7 feet tall, and when it burns, it goes like gasoline. It is said that in the wind it will burn at about 70 miles an hour. It would be impossible to outrun, or escape on horseback, one of these fires coming towards you.
Before the burn began, we had a great, big hotdog roast. Perdy simple fixin's, however, just a hotdog, a bun, a little ketchup and/or mustard, a fistful of tater chips, and a drink of water. Oh, yes, and a little sack of pioneer-style caramel corn, cooked in an enormous cast iron pot over a flame. Right tasty stuff, too, I might add.

Gathering for the hotdog picnic.

In line for a delicious hotdog!

Getting ready to cook the corn.

Sacking up the corn.
Cleaning the pot for another round.

Prairie grass before the burn.

Elder and Sister Larson about to witness the burn.

Igniting the grass.

Prairie grass begins to burn.

In three to four minutes the entire field of grass is consumed!

Notice the Nauvoo Temple in the background, safe on the hill--a beautiful sight.

Just before we arrive in Nauvoo, the missionaries did a reinactment of the organization of the Relief Society, which took place in the Red Brick Store, just a couple of blocks from our little apartment. This morning during our weekly mission training meeting, those who performed that reenactment program reenacted the reenactment for us! It was very interesting.

Well, that's all for now folks. I hope this little edition of our blog has given you an idea of what we're experiencing here in Nauvoo. The weather is starting to temper a bit now so that we can stand to be outside to enjoy the sights and sounds of Nauvoo. Hopefully, some of you will get a chance to come and take in the sights as well this summer. 

'til next time.


Mom and Dad (a.k.a. Elder and Sister Larson)

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