Sunday, August 24, 2014

August 20, 2014

I just didn't get time to do another post last week, which is a shame because that is the week that Linda and Jim and Allie and Rand and their children came to visit Nauvoo. We really enjoyed having them here. They weren't able to stay too long, but they did get to see a few things that Jan and I are involved in.

For example, they saw our performance of Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo (I was the editor and Jan was the Relief Society President) . . .

. . . and they went on a carriage ride with me through the countryside of Old Nauvoo. (Sorry the picture's so dark--nobody's perfect!)

And their kids got to try their hand at making a rope in the Family Living Center.

It's too bad they weren't here this past Monday; they could have seen me as a blacksmith in action! Their loss!

I think they did see the Nauvoo Brass Band, however.

Last night we had a party for our show cast. We have performed together since last spring in Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo and in Sunset by the Mississippi. We'll be together as a cast for only a couple more weeks, when about 50 missionaries will be finishing their mission and leaving. All the casts will be changed, going from three down to two for the winter months. So we just had to have a little soireĆ© together! 

Because we're so busy, the time just seems to fly by.  There truly is a special spirit here in Nauvoo. We are so blessed to be here and enjoy this spirit and the people who serve here as well as those who come as guests. 

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